XCMG Crane Xct12L4 12 Tons Mobile Crane For Sale

Our company will offer you the high quality products with a low price, quick delivery, and professional after-sale service.XCMG Hoist Crane XCT12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for SaleTechnical SpecificationsMain Technical Data Table of XCT12L4 in Travel configuration CategoryItemUnitParameter      

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Our company will offer you the high quality products with a low price, quick delivery, and professional after-sale service.
XCMG Hoist Crane XCT12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for Sale

XCMG Hoist Crane Xct12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for Sale

Technical Specifications
Main Technical Data Table of XCT12L4 in Travel configuration 
Main performance
Max. total rated lifting capacityt12
Min. rated working radiusm3
Turning radius at turntable tailCounterweightmm2570
Auxiliary winchmm2910
Max. load momentBase boomt.m48.25
Fully-extended boomt.m27.60
Outrigger span (fully- extended)Longitudinalm4.57
Hoist height
Base boomm9.5
Fully-extended boomm30.9
Fully-extended boom + Jibm38.1
Boom length
Base boomm9.45
Fully-extended boomm30.5
Fully-extended boom + Jibm30.5+7
Jib offset angle°0
Working speed
Elevating timeBoom raisings≤38
Telescoping timeFully extendeds≤58
Max. slewing speedr/min3
Outrigger extending and retracting time
Outrigger beam
Extending Simultaneouslys≤20
Retracting Simultaneouslys≤15
Outrigger jack
Extending Simultaneouslys≤25
Retracting Simultaneouslys≤20
Hoisting speed (single line, 4th layer)Main winchm/min138
Auxiliary winchm/min138
Exterior noise leveldB
Noise level at seated positiondB
XCMG Hoist Crane Xct12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for Sale
XCMG Hoist Crane Xct12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for Sale
XCMG Hoist Crane Xct12L4 12ton Mobile Crane for Sale
Company profile
XCMG is a construction machinery manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. Over the years, we have grown to become the world's most comprehensive construction machinery manufacturer and influential multinational company. In 2015, we rank No. 1 in China and No. 5 in global heavy equipment industry. XCMG's construction machinery covers an astonishing range of equipment, including cranes, earth-moving machinery, road machinery, excavators, concrete machinery, mining machinery, piling machinery, lumber machinery, fire-fighting machinery, heavy trucks, sanitation machinery, agricultural machinery, and more. We have the world's most comprehensive product line, and offer customers complete solutions for construction equipment. Our other businesses include finance, leasing, and remanufacturing. 

At present, the power of my company's straight-arm crane is entirely from the hydraulic oil pressure, that is, through the high-pressure hydraulic oil to promote the cylinder piston reciprocating motion, or drive the hydraulic motor rotation makes the hydraulic winch and rotary mechanism rotation. 

So, how do high-pressure hydraulic oil get? Each truck crane is equipped with a hydraulic pump when the vehicle chassis is matched, and the engine provides power for it. The chemical energy of the fuel can be converted into the crankshaft of the engine to rotate the mechanical energy, and then the gearbox gear is rotated, and then the power is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the power transmission of the gearbox. Therefore, the hydraulic pump can continuously pressurize the hydraulic oil For the high-pressure hydraulic oil, so as to provide power for the crane to achieve the lifting of the goods. 

Competitive Advantage
My company's straight arm crane crane covers 1-25 tons 14 models 65 kinds of products, to meet a variety of conditions, with the longest arm of the largest tonnage crane mature manufacturing technology, scientific research and development process, advanced Research and development technology, and constantly have new products to market, to meet customer use. 
My company's boom arm section with mature pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal, the latest generation of products with U-shaped arc arm body weight reduction, arm width of a large deflection, stability and resistance to deformation Ability to improve, significantly enhance the lifting capacity. 
The application of the sub-arm, sub-winch and vice-hook provides a basis for the rapid and large-scale operation of the crane light load and the high-altitude operation. The application of automatic hook technology saves time and effort when starting and ending crane operations, making it easy to operate easily. 

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